I am a storyteller, spoken word artist and teacher.

The stage feels like home to me. It is where I like to connect. That doesn’t mean I don’t have stage fright. I do. And a life time of tools in my pocket to help ease the tensions in my body that build up before I step into the spot light.

When I was 19, I met Cha-das-ska-dum Which-Ta-Lum from Lummi Nation (also known as Lhaq’temish, or People of the Sea). He was an elder who taught me about dreaming and storytelling. He told me, ”I tell you stories, because they will stay with you until you are ready hear what I wanted you to know.”

I was taught through stories and I love the personal story on stage, it moves me to the edge of my seat.

Storytelling is a way of looking and experiencing life. It is a great perspective to engage in. It is a perspective I like to teach and inspire in others.

I am a collector of stories. It is how I take pictures of my life. It’s my version of a photo album.

I am a dreamer.  Not a dreamer, like floating in the clouds somewhere, not rooted. I am rooted. Rooted in my dreams. They tell me stories. They give me direction. They show me what’s next.

Because I grew up in a German-American family, I moved from Berlin to Seattle as a teenager. I discovered spoken word and eventually became a teacher, organizer and performer in the spoken word and poetry slam scene in the USA and Germany for over 20 years. I have collaborated with cultural and educational institutions in both Germany and USA. Here you can look at a portfolio of projects, I have been a part of. 

Currently I live back in my hometown Berlin. Here I am a coordinator for an anti-discrimination project that teaches young people through autobiographical storytelling. Along side that, I teach workshops, consult and perform and am currently completing a residency with Hebbel Am Ufer.

I was always told that I didn’t need to study to know the things I know. But then I went to school anyways and I received my B.A. in Cultural Studies, Youth Advocacy, and the Performing Arts and my M.A in Biographical and Creative Writing and recently completed  a storytelling certificate at the University of Arts in Berlin. I speak German, English and am learning German Sign Language.