»Katinka Kraft’s work is deftly sincere, yet cunningly humorous, clawing at the dirt with hands of love and tenderness.«

-Brian McGuigan, Artist Trust, Seattle, WA

I am a collector of stories. To me the personal story, brought to stage as an offering, is what moves me to the edge of my seat. In my own work, I weave together memories of my childhood in Berlin in the 80s, my relationship to being German-American, my queer femme identity, my 
hilarious obsession with self-help strategies, and my 
attempts to find earth-bound truths worth digging my feet into.
 These stories offer me a road map and remind me of the moments in life that transformed me.

I have been performing Spoken Word since 2002. Spoken Word is often referred to as the art of performance poetry. The voice and body add new dimensions to the written text that is brought to the stage.

In the last few years, I have been dedicating myself to the art form of oral storytelling, exploring both traditional and autobiographical narratives. Diving into the depth of a traditional tale feels like time travel, bringing the knowledge of our ancestors into contemporary expression.

Upcoming performances of my work can be found on the events page. If you would like to learn the art of spoken word or storytelling yourself then look under creative mentoring or  workshops.