The stage lights have been out for more than a year. I found myself in the forest more often than not, telling stories to the trees. They are the best listeners. I began to  develop a show. Description of show can be found below. Dates of show here:

Sonntag, 26.9.2021 – 11:00 Uhr- Tübinger Bücherfest
Full show
garden of the Evangelisches Stift (in case of rain: Stiftskapelle),
Klosterberg 2, Tübingen

Admission: 7 €,with Bücherfest Bändel (20 €/10 €) and d.a.i.members free
Important Note:
Tickets can only be purchased online via

Freitag, 15.10.2021- 18 Uhr- Feuerspuren- Die Lange Nacht des Erzählens
Excerpts of show
ApfelKULTURparadies, Basdahlerstraße 11, 28239 Bremen.
Vorverkauf: 0421- 9899700 oder

Mehr Info:

Grew Out of the Forest
Autobiographical and traditional stories with Katinka Kraft

From fairy gateways to raven wisdom, these stories weave themselves through the cobblestone streets of 80’s Berlin to the moss covered branches of the PacificNorthwest. As the tallest trees on earth hold each other steady underneath the ground, how does one find roots while being split between cultures, parents and continents?

Katinka Kraft is a storyteller and spoken word artist. With a background in spoken word and creative writing, Katinka fuses poetic awareness of image, rhythm and sound with the connective quality and immediacy of oral storytelling. Her work combines her memories of childhood, being German American, queer femme identity, and her attempts to find earth-bound truths worth digging her feet into. This show connects the traditional story with the autobiographical to bring forth that which is political, personal and timeless.