I offer individual consultations and mentoring in the following areas:

  • Storytelling
  • Presentation and Performance
  • Writing
  • Visionary and Purpose work

If you want to book a session, please contact me, and we will discuss the details. You will find more information about storytelling, presentation, writing and visionary work below.


Personal narrative is powerful. If, for example, a sea of facts and numbers about environmental protection also contain a story about a boy that loved a tree, it is the story we most often remember. From the stage to a political debate, a story can move people from emotions to action, and can reconnect us with our shared humanity. Learn the tools of this oral art form to develop your own story and bring forth in your work what moves you. Let’s explore together the story-arc, dynamic detail, images, body language, voice and gestures.

Presentation and Performance

There is nothing like the feeling of authentically stepping into yourself in front of an audience. What if performing in front of others could feel like the most natural thing that you could be doing? Learn how to access your voice, your breath support, supportive body language and your own ability to be in an engaging dialogue with those to whom you are speaking. These are key elements that will also help you learn how to give presentations in front of co-workers, at conferences, or to prospective clients.


Words are the foundation of how we communicate. We write speeches, lyrics, emails, plays, spoken word pieces, reports, voice-overs, books, poems, autobiographies and articles. Through my studies in creative writing, I developed a toolkit of ways to engage with the art of writing. Writing methods are used to brainstorm and gather your thoughts, to initiate the creative process, to tell stories, to play with words and sounds, to transform our surroundings into images and characters. Let’s talk about how to strengthen your written communication.

Visionary and Purpose work

What makes you feel aligned with your own visions and purpose? What do you need to reconnect so you can feel nourished by your own work? If your creative self needs a jump start, I would love to support you with that. Together, we can explore what you really want to be doing with your time and your energy and your visions.