Testimonials from students

“I am excited to have met Katinka and have had the chance to learn, write, practice, communicate, and perform with her. Katinka was able to create a space where I felt comfortable to explore my voice and the stories that live in me. What I discovered was empowering and inspirational.”
Kris K.
”Katinka’s workshop reminded me of what Alfred Wolfsohn once said: A teacher is the guardian and representative of creative life”
Daniela G.
“Using strong praise, constructive criticism, and a wealth of knowledge about strong performance skills, Katinka helped me to quickly grow from a decent reader to a strong one who felt confident in memorization, emphasis, and other ways of engaging the audience.”
Elissa W.
“Katinka’s coaching on how to grab and hold an audience was priceless.”
Peter L.
“Katinka’s performance workshop literally changed the way I write.”
Lydia S.
“Katinka helped me see real potential in work that I undervalued and took for granted. Having an objective champion for my work inspired me to keep going!
Sean O’C.
Seattle, WA

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